Free Internet by Facebook


Here’s an interesting idea that I have long wished to complete myself. Free internet! Not only will this save our less fortunate neighbors from not experiencing the wonders of first world problems, but it could contribute to a more sustainable society. I will get into that a little later in this post. But for now, there are two major projects striving to provide free internet: Facebook and Google. I will investigate Facebook’s project in this post and Google’s in a later post.

Here is Dr. Yael Maguire explaining the general theory behind Facebook’s internet platform.

The Facebook plan has identified three major opportunity areas they anticipate focusing their research:

  • Affordability
  • Efficiency
  • Business Models

Their three major initiatives focus primarily on providing internet to impoverished areas with the idea that this will connect millions of new people with education, funding, peers, and infinitely more resources. Not only will this create substantial business opportunity, but it will also provide answers to problems we never thought could be solved. If successful, Facebook would provide 200% more people with the Internet, a wealth of information that no single human could ever completely master. The law of large numbers tells us that society will progress substantially with that much extra knowledge in the world. There is also a direct correlation between education and good sustainable practices. Theoretically, free worldwide internet could solve the sustainability problem that we can’t quite convince enough people is actually going on.

I will leave you with this uplifting video from Facebook. Keep doing you, Zuckerberg.

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